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Dani Friedrich (TC)

New York, United States

Dani Friedrich is a Professor of Curriculum and the Director of the doctoral program in Curriculum and Teaching at Teachers College. In the last decade, his work has centered on understanding pop culture’s impact on curriculum, and in establishing connections between academics in Latin America and the United States

Pablo Pineau (UBA)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pablo Pineau has a doctorate in education from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). He is a Professor of History of Education in Argentina and Latin America at UBA. He possesses a wide range of experiences as an author, lead investigator, and in teacher preparation programs, focusing on various topics including history, theory, and education policy in Latin America. His current work centers on aesthetic issues within these areas. 


Mexico City, Mexico

Inés Dussel is a Research Professor at DIE-CIVESTAV in México City. She is a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI in Spanish), a Level III Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and President of the International Standing Conference for the History of Education (ISCHE). Inés was formerly the director in the Education department at FLACSO in Argentina, from 2001-2008. Her areas of interest include connecting theory and history of education, particularly with technology and visual pedagogies in schools.

Olga Hubard (TC) 

Nueva York, Estados Unidos

Olga Hubard  is a Professor and Director of the Art Education program at Teachers College. She explores the subtleties in teaching that promote humanizing engagements with art in formal and informal education. With a focus on embodied knowing, she is particularly interested in the art experiences of children and adolescents, and in those of adults who do not consider themselves “artistic.”

Nicolás Arata (UBA-UNIPE) 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nicolás Arata is the President of the Society for Research and Teaching in History of Education in Argentina (SAIEHE in Spanish), and formerly was the Director of Training and Knowledge Mobilization at the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO in Spanish). He has a doctorate in Education from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina (UBA), and a doctorate in Educational Research from the Department of Education Research from CINVESTAV (Mexico). Currently, he is a professor at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional and UBA in Argentina.

Dorsa Fahami (TC)

Nueva York, Estados Unidos

Dorsa Fahami is a doctoral student at Teachers college in the department of Curriculum and Teaching. She is passionate about working with educators of bi/multilingual students around their language ideologies in order to facilitate conversations about social justice and equity in  their classrooms. 

Laura Anderson Barbata

Mexico City, México and New York, United States 

Born in Mexico City, Laura Anderson Barbata is currently based in New York and Mexico City. Since 1992 she has primarily worked in social art practice and has initiated projects in the Venezuelan Amazon, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Norway, and the United States that address social justice and the environment. Her work often combines performance, procession, dance, music, textile arts, costuming, papermaking, zines and protest. Her work is in various private and public collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; el Museo de Arte Moderno, México City.; Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany; Fundación Cisneros; Museo Carrillo Gil, México; and Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary.

Brooklyn Jumbies Inc.

New York, United States

Una organización cuyo único propósito es aumentar la
la conciencia cultural de la comunidad sobre la cultura africana y afro-caribeña. Los Brooklyn Jumbies bailan sobre zancos, que es uno de los numerosos elementos culturales de los países africanos y
diáspora caribeña. Los miembros fundadores de Brooklyn Jumbies Inc. son Ali Sylvester y Najja Codrington. Desde 2007, Brooklyn Jumbies Inc. ha trabajado en  colaboración con Laura Anderson Barbata presentando proyectos colaborativos y de divulgación en México, Jamaica, Singapur
y los EE.UU. 

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